Bridging the Age-Gap

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“Bridging the Age Gap” is an Inter-Generational Programme which encourages the development of prototype programs demonstrating concrete strategies for bringing youths and elders together, with the goal of obtaining mutual understanding and support.

“Bridging the Age-Gap” comprises 4 spheres:-

  1. Volunteer Teams- we will recruit and train 2 teams of 5 volunteers (10 in total) to lead on the work as Young People’s and Older People’s leaders- the teams will make contact with peers and organise group activities to bring the 2 age groups together.
  2. Inter-generational Programmes- the teams will plan and deliver monthly inter-generational activities including group and 1-1 programmes to facilitate storytelling, sharing of information, skills development and creative arts/ cultural projects. Together, they will plan out the programme and form bonds to help each other in the community e.g. storytelling to develop heritage and culture, young people can teach IT to elders etc.
  3. “Bridging the Age-Gap” Media- an Inter-Generational web-site and magazine will be planned, developed and published having emanated from activities addressing cultural, heritage and development issues relevant to both age groups as a commonality. The magazine can be taken into the community by volunteers and website accessed via laptops and PC’s- elders will be taught to use PC’s to access the site and also to find out information relevant to their needs, write letters and generally learn what PC’s can do to help their lives supported by young people in a training/ mentoring role.
  4. Volunteer Development- project will continue to recruit and develop volunteers from both age groups throughout the year to work within the programme and develop a register to enable full delivery/ participation from/ of both younger and older people.

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