Useful Links - Professional Support & Training for Refugee & Migrant Organisations -  CaVSA H&F - Refugee Action - Hammersmith & Fulham Refugee Forum - Hammersmith & Fulham Black Minority Ethnic - - Vinspired - Citizens’ Advice Bureau - Connexions - Hammersmith & Fulham Law Centre - Refugee Council - Iranian refugee community group in Hammersmith. - Iraqi refugee community group in Hammersmith. - Zimbabwean refugee community group in Hammersmith. - Eastern European refugee communtiy group in Hammermsith. - London Refugee Voice - ICT support & resources for voluntary & community organisations. - Provides resources for capacity building and community involvement in economic, social and environmental regeneration in the voluntary and community sectors of LBH&F. - London Refugee Economic Action - Works on improving employment, training and enterprise issues for refugee and asylum seekers in London. - Nation-wide organisation that works directly with refugees and RCOs offering advice, support and training. Campaigns and lobbies the government and media to promote refugee issues. - Refugees in Effective and Active Partnership - Organisation offering practical advice and support services for refugees and asylum seekers in West London and in other areas. - Immigration Law Practitioners’ Association - Aims to improve the legal advising and representation of immigrants, offer information on legal matters related to immigration, and promote fair and equitable immigration law. - Office of the Immigration Services Commissioner - Independent public body set up to ensure that all immigration advisers fulfil the requirements of good practice. - Information and events calendar for National Refugee Week. - Immigration Advisory Service - Offers representation and legal advice to immigrants and asylum seekers across the UK. - Offers free legal advice and representation to refugees and asylum seekers fleeing persecution. Campaigns for the fair treatment of refugees in the UK. - Refugee Legal Centre - Provides legal advice and representation for those seeking protection under international Human Rights Asylum Law. - Joint Council for the Welfare of Immigrants - Campaigns for justice and against racism in immigration and asylum law and policy. - Charity offering information and advice to asylum seekers and refugees directly after they arrive at London airports. - Works across England to promote the effective reception, resettlement and integration of refugees and asylum seekers and to strengthen communities and enhance opportunities. - Assistance and advice for newly arrived migrants in South-East England to facilitate integration. - Medical Foundation for the Care of Victims of Torture - Provides care and rehabilitation to survivors of torture and other forms of organised violence. - Supports residents to the UK facilitating access to necessary resources and promotes the creation of new communities.

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