Welcome to the Refugee Advice and Support Centre

The Refugee Advice and Support Centre (RASC) works to enable refugees and asylum seeking communities in West London to lead healthy, fulfilled and independent lives.

The centre has been running for 15 years and has developed to provide a range of service to meet the needs of the community. Our services include ESOL and IT classes and advice and guidance. We also have a strong focus on youth volunteering and many of our projects are run by volunteers.

  • Bridging the Age-Gap

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    “Bridging the Age Gap” is an Inter-Generational Programme which encourages the development of prototype programs demonstrating concrete strategies for bringing youths and elders together, with the goal of obtaining mutual understanding and support.

    “Bridging the Age-Gap” comprises 4 spheres:-

  • Women’s Wellbeing Project

     Brings together different women to discuss issues that face women today and take part in different activities.This project promotes achievements of women around the world who have suffered in their lives and are now successful. It also embraces cultures and provides an opportunity to learn about other countries and their traditions.

  • Befriending Project

    It aims to bring together refugees and asylum seekers through activities that allow interaction, socialising and skill development.


  • Big Lottery

    Here is your chance to have FUN whilst you teach and learn, an opportunity like never before.

    • Story Telling
    • Developing heritage
    • Field trip
    • Art and cultural projects
    • Skills development
    • IT trainings and most of all
    • A chance to discover yourself etc...
  • If you want to benefit those around you, meet new people, gain skills and experience in a work setting, and explore your interests and passions…Get involved!

  • Have Free Time on your hands?

    Want to make a difference in the lives of others?

    Why not Join RASC.

    At RASC, there are many opportunities for you to get out and about and help people using your different skills. Whether you’re good with admin, or good with English, there’s always a place for you here. Why not use this opportunity to sign up and help out.

Recent Events

  • In order to celebrate the achievements of black and ethnic minorities, we held an event to celebrate Black History Month. There was a variety of performers i.e. Refugee drummers, comedians and dancers.

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  • Investor in People